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5 Trends That Shaped E-mobility in 2018

5 Trends That Shaped E-mobility in 2018

2018 was a busy year for e-mobility. The global sales of electric vehicles surpassed 4 million. While it took 60 months to reach the first million electric vehicles, it only took 6 months to reach the fourth million. In Norway the market share of the new vehicle registrations has reached 63%. In Germany 68.000 electric vehicle were sold in 2018, which is 26% increase to previous year. UK follows with 59.000 electric vehicles. The statistics show how e-mobility has started to gain momentum in several countries in 2018. We have collected the highlights of the last year.

Dark prediction for humanity about climate change

Ominous predictions have appeared during the year threatening with global ecological catastrophe. UN climate change report predicts humanity has 10 years to solve the global warming crisis before we reach a critical point. Climate experts are arguing radical steps to reduce fossil fuel use in the energy and transportation sector. This gives new momentum to zero emission vehicles.

New models hitting the market

Several new EV models have arrived during the year. Nissan has started the sales of its redesigned Leaf model. Jaguar I-Space quickly became strong competitor in the luxury segment. Mercedes- Benz has started the sales of eSprinter model offering new possibilities in the light commercial vehicle segment. The highly anticipated Model 3 has arrived to the USA market. Tesla has managed to ramp up Model 3 production after a difficult period in Q2 and plans to extend orders to a few European countries.

OEMs offering mobility services

2018 was the year when traditional car manufacturers stood behind e-mobility trends. Numerous OEMs announced their plan to manufacture vehicles only with electric powertrain in the upcoming years. (Mini, Porsche, Jaguar). Besides new EV models, car manufacturers has opened up new e-mobility services. VW has announced its carsharing service, We Share. BMW and Daimler joined forces by merging their carsharing services car2go and DriveNow. Volvo has also started a new car subscription service.

Partnership to broaden service portfolio

As we have predicted in our previous blogpost the trend of further acquisitions by oil and energy companies to broaden their service portfolio and expand further in the emerging e-mobility market has continued in 2018. European EV charging leader Fortum Charge & Drive acquired Plugsurfing, Emobility Service Provider. ChargePoint and EVBox partnered for roaming access in the EU and North America. BMW and Northvolt teamed up to set up end-to-end EV battery recycling. Kraftwerke & Jedlix started cooperation with a smart EV charging pilot focused on demand-response solutions forming a virtual power plant. Newmotion has partnered with Arval to integrate charging network in European countries. E.ON and Virta, the Finnish electric vehicle charging company, jointly launched one of the largest intelligent EV charging network. Leaseplan has partnered with China’s largest vehicle manufacturer, SAIC to provide electric light commercial vehicles to Europe.

Regulatory environment is helping EVs

The European Union has developed a new laboratory test to measure fuel consumption and CO2 emissions for passenger cars, as well as their pollutant emissions. This new WLTP (Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure) regulation came to effect in September 1st in the European Union. WLTP will provide a much more accurate basis for calculating a car’s fuel consumption and emissions by applying more realistic testing conditions.

2018 was an eventful year in emobility. Progress was made in vehicles sales as the market for EV expanded. We have witnessed several new partnership formation between leading e-mobility player. However, the big electric vehicle breakthrough is still before us. We can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring.

Image source: Pixabay

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