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Worth Waiting For?  The Most Important Electric Vehicle Launches of the Next 12 Months

Worth Waiting For? The Most Important Electric Vehicle Launches of the Next 12 Months

Thus far, the choice of electric cars and vans available to customers who want to electrify their fleet has been somewhat restricted. The current electric options tend to polarise around compact city cars like the Renault Zoe and BMW i3 and premium executive cars like Tesla’s Model S and X and the Jaguar iPace.

Recent introductions such as the Audi eTron and Mercedes EQC are expanding choice, but is it worth waiting another 12 months before upgrading to the next generation of EVs?

There is some evidence that fleet customers are extending lease contracts and replacement cycles in order to replace internal combustion engine vehicles with next generation EVs, but this decision can prove costly in terms of increased maintenance risk and reduced residual values. When combined, these factors can have a significant impact on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Uncertainty over the future tax treatment of diesel cars in some EU states, plus potential restrictions on their access into some European cities is also prompting some fleet managers to defer replacement decisions.

But it’s perhaps worth considering that demand for EVs is rising swiftly and some experts predict it will outstrip supply over the next two years, so postponing a decision now could risk longer lead times later.

Battery technology and range continue to improve rapidly and the charging infrastructure – including new superfast chargers – is growing rapidly, making ‘range anxiety’ a thing of the past.

So which are the most exciting EVs set to hit the road between now and June 2020 – and will they be worth the wait?


BMW ix3

A practical compact SUV due to launch in early 2020, the iX3 offers space and four-door flexibility. Thanks to its pioneering i3, BMW’s battery and eDrive electric motor technology is some way ahead of many of its premium rivals. With a range of 400km, SUV practicality and BMW’s track record on EV technology, reliability shouldn’t be an issue.

Price: €60,000

On sale: Autumn 2019

Mini Cooper SE

EV reboots of retro classics could become a smart way to sell the benefits of EVs to more sceptical older customers. This novel reinterpretation of the best-selling British icon could be popular with both urban user-choosers and city-based essential car fleets.

Price: €32,000

On sale: Autumn 2019

Honda e

Honda e

Honda recently opened the pre-order book for the production version of this bold city car, which attracted huge attention on its Frankfurt Show debut in 2017. Honda has promised the production version will not compromise the bold retro styling. Range is likely to comfortably exceed 200km, but it may be a little too radical for fleet customers.

Price: €27,000

On sale: Spring 2020

Peugeot e208

After Renault stole a march on its French rival with the Zoe, PSA is aiming to strike back with the e208 – a pure battery derivative of its mainstream compact B-segment car. Expect competitive pricing, running costs and practicality.

Price: €29,000

On sale: Early 2020

Renault Zoe Gen 2

With first-mover experience and advantage under its belt, the revised Renault Zoe should be well worth consideration. The evolutionary leap is unlikely to be as dramatic as the second generation Nissan LEAF, but the new Zoe could become a staple among European essential user fleets. The new 60kWh battery pack should deliver a WTLP range of around 400kmh.

Price: €30,000

On sale: Autumn 2019

Polestar 2

Volvo’s performance offshoot has electric power built into its DNA thanks to the technological leadership of the Swedish marque’s Chinese owner Geely, which has been gearing up for mass market electrification for several years. With a pricetag of around €45,000 and innovative ownership options, this could be a breakthrough model for Polestar.

Price: €45,000

On sale: Autumn 2019

Volvo XC40 Electric

Underpinned by the same platform as the Polestar 2, the electric version of the acclaimed XC40 compact SUV is another extremely attractive proposition for fleet customers looking for a practical all-rounder that will appeal to user-choosers and essential users alike.

Price: €34,000

On sale: Autumn 2019

Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID 3

Volkswagen arrived a little late to the EV market, but is now busy making up for lost time. The German giant is using a common platform to launch a string of EVs over the next three years. The first of these: the ID.3 – promises Golf-style practicality, style and a range of up to 500km under WTLP testing. VW took 15,000 pre-order deposits of €1,000 within a week of opening the order book.

Price: €29,000

On sale: Summer 2020

Mercedes Benz eVito

Mercedes eVito

One of the first of a new generation of larger electric vans, the eVito offers a respectable 150km or range and a 1000kg-plus payload. At €40,000, it may seem expensive, but its cheaper to fuel and maintain and if cities start levying pollution charges on diesel vans, the TCO could be lower over the long term.

Price: €40,000

On sale: Summer 2019


Specialist UK van-maker LDV is stealing a march on its larger European rivals with this intelligently engineered upstart, which debuted just last month. Designed for electric power from the ground up, the lightweight monocoque aluminium construction reduces weight and maximises payload. Range is set to exceed 300km.

Price: €33,000

On sale: Autumn 2019

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